“I like to use the lotion for my face or any skin irritations because it clears it up right away. My skin feels so soft and smooth. Amazing! ” 

Why add CBD to your skincare routine

Usually when you hear about CBD you may not think about skin care. Most of us just think of chewable candies or cookies infused with CBD. But eating, drinking, or ingesting sublingual tinctures of CBD are not the only beneficial paths. Turns out there are numerous reasons that a regular skincare routine that incorporates full spectrum CBD topically applied can be highly advantageous. 

Hemp is nothing new. In fact it has been grown and harvested for centuries. It has even been used in medicinal practices. Topical use of Cannabidiol (CBD) is still a fairly new thing in modern history. In our time, the first scientific study of CBD only goes back to 1940 so there is still a good deal of research to be done to find out just what is the full potential of this pure plant product. 

But we do know the Industrial Hemp, cannabis sativa, is a highly sustainable plant and the micronutrients that are pressed from seeds or extracted from the plant are readily available for topical applications. Hemp extractions and oils are rich in nutrients and vitamins that can be very beneficial for skincare. Helping hydrate the skin, fighting free radicals, and minimizing signs of aging like minor wrinkles. 

Cannabidiol is only one of over 113  cannabinoids in the cannabis plant but it is getting more attention lately. Especially from athletes that claim to experience a pain relieving benefit credited to the anti-inflammatory nature of CBD. 

Our CBD is tested and verified that the THC concentration does not exceed 0.3%

Full Spectrum CBD for achy muscles

It's great to give fitness your all, but sometimes that extra effort can result in sore muscles. A nice gentle massage can encourage circulation and help fight against internal inflammation. Our customers like the direct application the butter stick has but you can use any one of the ReSqu 1000 products. 

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Full Spectrum CBD for skin repair

A healthy skincare routine should include a moisturizer. ReSqu's plant powered lotions, balms, and butters are packed with natures finest oils. Rich in full spectrum CBD and many vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, they can offer a layer of protection while fortifying your skins natural defense. The oils we use are easily absorbed leaving your skin feeling soft and silky. 

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Full Spectrum CBD for hydrating skin

Skincare products that are rich in nutrients that help hydrate. All of our ReSqu and ReSqu 1000 full spectrum CBD products will help rehydrate your skin but our customer favorite for face and full body applications are the lotion and the oil. Both are made with some of our favorite synergistic 

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Full Spectrum CBD for stiff joints

A good gentle massage helps warm up and activate stiff joints. Add  the ReSqu 1000 Balm to power up your massage with rich botanical nutrients. You could use any of our products but our customers tend to like the balm for this particular application. 

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“I have been having pain in my right shoulder probably from working on a computer forever. Anyway I tried this and low and behold my pain has gone. It was causing me issues at night and I just could not get comfortable, but since using this product I can sleep on my side again”


“I like the feel of this and I think it soaks in better for me. Works great. I am retired law enforcement so you can imagine the little annoying aches I get. A nice massage with the lotion and I feel great. I'll add a bit of the oil for the really rough days. I like it.”


“I LOVE this balm. I’ve been able to use it successfully with two pulled muscles on separate occasions. Within an hour I felt the difference: significantly decreased pain and relaxation of previously super sore areas. Thank you for this amazing product! I highly recommend.”