What is CBD


and how is it made

The story starts with a seed.

Not just any seed. 

It takes a special seed to grow the right kind of plant. So you need to know what you are growing for from the seed you select. To grow plants to be harvested for skincare, you need a specific strain of cannabis sativa seed, or what is also known as Industrial Hemp. 

While the same plant species can generate plants that are used for both industrial (like skincare and most edibles) and drugs, the seeds that the industrial plants are grown from are ones with a higher concentration of cannabinoids with little THC.

In order to use the hemp extract for skincare it is required to have less that 0.3% THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). THC is the psychoactive component found in the plants vast variety of cannabinoids.  

We don't want people to get a buzz on using our skincare.  We do want you to feel good, for sure, but we think clear vibrant skin and living pain free are all the high you need. 


Once you have the seeds, all you need to do is sow them, nurture them, and let them grow. Nature does the rest.

The Full Spectrum CBD we use is grown outdoors in the natural island sunshine with ample space between plants so they can grow robust and full bodied achieving the very best carbenoids, terpenoids, and flavonoids. 

Once the plant reaches maturity, usually about 4 months is all it takes, it is time to harvest. For skincare, harvesting is when you have peak cannabinoid production and not flower maturity. In case you were wondering. 

For CBD producers, they harvest the whole head stock including the flowers, the leaves, and the steams since all of the pieces contain cannabidiol. I can't speak for all growers but I know our growers harvest by hand. This means less traumatic damage to the plants and better preservation of the bio essence of the plant.

After the plants are harvested they need to go through a preparation process before extraction. This step is crucial as well. You don't want to lose any of the rich bio essence the plant created. After all, that is what you want to extract! There are 3 ways people go about this: 1)Freezing, which is common for producers looking to achieve high terpenes and 2) Drying, field or barn drying of fully mature plants which tend to have higher cannabinoids. 3) Flash freezing the buds which tends to preserve a high amount of cannabinoids and the tender terpenes. 

Our producers use the second method, drying. It takes a bit longer but it is more sustainable and we are really after a higher concentration of CBD so the wait is worth it. 

The next step on the journey is extraction. We need to separate the bio mass from the cannabinoids, terpenoids, and flavonoids somehow and there are three common methods to do this. 1) Ethanol 2) Hydrocarbon (butane or propane and 3) CO2 gas extraction. The ultimate goal is to maximize the extraction while preserving the plant bio essence and not adulterating in any way. But we think you need to go one step further and make the choice to preserve and protect the planet as well. 

We tend to feel there is a significant value in using a nature friendly CO2 extraction since this results in a gas that is all around us. Our producer uses a supercritical CO2 method for extraction. They chose this method for a couple of reasons. First, Carbon dioxide is a natural occurring gas in our atmosphere so there is no need to worry about chemicals escaping into the natural environment. Second, there is not trace of any adulterated chemical constituent that alters or harms the Full Spectrum CBD end product.  Third, they are an award winning company that puts sustainability at the top of their guiding ethos. 

Once the extraction is done, you end up with a product that is ready to be blended and infused into various finished products. Coconut is pretty common with most people but we like Sunflower for skincare as well as some other powerful oils. All of these oils add a synergy to the Full Spectrum CBD to create a high quality finished product. Yes, we do also use an unfiltered Hemp Seed oil in our ReSqu line. Why not combine the best of both: the flower and seed?!

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Lynn's favorite activity is walking and hiking. She uses ReSqu 1000 oil for a deep hip injury that still has a little bit of pain. With ReSqu 1000 oil she is able to climb mountains and go on endless strolls again. 



Roger is an avid cyclist. But cycling can take a toll on your body. Sometimes he feels a bit stiff so he uses the ReSqu 1000 butter. He likes the fact he can easily isolate the area that needs the attention the most then get on with his ride. 



For Lisa, it's all about the freedom to move again. Even though she has practiced for years, she noticed a little discomfort cropping up from what we all experience with age. She enjoys the ReSqu products to help her go even deeper with her yoga practice