ReSqu is a Tres Spa Product

We design it, we make it, we pack it, we ship it. From inception to delivery to you, each and everyone of our products is expertly handcrafted in the United States. We've been doing it that way for over a decade and we don't plan on changing that. After all, we are a handcrafted company.

Designing personal care products in harmony

Our products reflect our company guiding principals and what we believe. Très Spa designs skin care products that are as close to nature as you can get. Modern science and technology has brought us many things. Some are life saving while others cause destruction. When selecting ingredients that go into our personal care line, we made a few important decisions long ago and we stand by them today;

  • Keep it real! Use only natural plant based oils that are organic whenever possible, botanicals, and food grade ingredients.
  • All ingredients are active – Each one of the ingredients has purpose and meaning, contributing to the complete formulation. We wont use cheap fillers to artificially bulk up our products. We also select ingredients for their nutritional density and their ability to “feed” the skin or hair.
  • No imitation – We only use pure, unadulterated essential oils. We never use synthetic fragrances – ever. So if you want the banana berry pineapple scent, we suggest you buy the fruit.
  • Choose sustainable sources – We emphasize using ingredients that can be sustainedboth ecologically and economically, without causing devastation to any region or harm to any living habitat.
  • Be original – All of our designs or formulations come from a variety of inspirational sources. Our own desire and experience, customer responses and interactions, and nature around us to name a few. We will not reproduce or replicate someone else’s work. It’s just plain rude so please don’t ask.

With Très Spa you can be confident that what we use has been carefully selected with purpose. It is an old world wisdom we rely on. A wisdom of the ages in researching and applying natures finest gifts over centuries of time.

Innovation comes from our desire is to solve a need

Très Spa Organic Conditioning Shampoo Rosemary Tea Tree & a kiss of Mint Bar

Our usual inspiration for products comes from a need. For example, one summer was particularly hot and we thought it would be nice to feel a little cooler so we created our organic dusting powders. Or that time we went on the “No Poo” kick and decided to ditch the bottle shampoo. This is how our Hair Hydros got developed and then the subsequent organic conditioning shampoos.

Sometimes it comes from our customer requests. We would have never done deodorant sticks unless our customers kept requesting it. But when we did create a stick, we made it a multipurpose stick suitable for runners. Runners need sticks that will not irritate and can be used to prevent chaffing skin or even be used safely on broken skin.

Our product ideas never come from following what others are doing. In fact, some things we intentionally stall at delivering because we don't want to be influenced by others.

This is how we ended up designing and developing the ReSqu line. Through the last few years, I had received many requests for a CBD product. I always said no because the growing and extraction methods were not sustainable and some were even toxic to the environment. Then my Dad, who is over 85 years young, started asking me. He had tried one or two and was frustrated with the inconsistency. When they worked, they really worked but then others would not. Still I said No, not sustainable. 

Until one day we found a very special producer….read more