Tres Spa

and the origin of ReSqu

We have been designing, developing, and producing organic vegan skin care for over a decade. You can find more information about Tres Spa and see our full line at our website

As with many of our product innovations, our inspiration comes from the requests of others. ReSqu is a good example of one of those times. For years I stayed away from CBD because of the environmentally deleterious effects many of the processes had. Traditional methods involved a good deal of solvents and toxic chemicals, and that was just in the extraction phase.  The growing phases had their own issues with chemicals used to grow the plants in un-natural settings.

Then my 85 year old Dad, being both persistent and persuasive, kept asking. He had just gone through hip replacement and had one knee replaced and one knee pretty much “bone on bone”. I kept telling him no because I cannot go against my commitment to sustainability. 

Then the stars aligned and I was introduced to some amazing new producers who had already established a leadership role in sustainability. While they were new to the CBD industry, they were not new to the eco conscious discipline in growing, harvesting, and producing exceptional whole plant ingredients for culinary and  industrial applications.  They took those practices to growing, harvesting, and producing an exceptional Hemp Extract. Vegan, Organically grown, and Sustainably extracted. 

After experimenting and testing  the Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Extract, it was clearly time to launch a new product. The name is a tribute to my Dad, the inspiration for ReSqu. His initials are a part of the product name. My Dad would like you to know that he is thoroughly enjoying the oil and the lotion but the Balm is his favorite. His golf game hasn't been this good in years and he has now taken up cycling on his new recumbent trike bike. Taking on hills like a beast.

Another benefit of ReSqu by Tres Spa is that it helps support a sustainable business that is working to improve the lives of islanders with good paying jobs not dependent on tourism. We think that is a worthy cause. 





Not Tested on Animals

The thought of any animal suffering for the sake of human vanity is horrific. This is the reason we stayed strictly with plants that have a very long history in human application. No animal testing is needed. 

Vegan Company

We are a committed vegan company. When we started the ReSqu line we had already made the transition to 100% Vegan and it has become a very important part of our identity.  We wanted to go above and beyond the ability to say cruelty free. We wanted to do better.  We wanted to help protect our shared natural resources.


We all share one birthright, our position as stewards of the environment. No matter what your position is in life, you own this birthright and the duties and responsibilities that go along with it. What you do matters and the choices you make every day make a difference. Choose sustainability.