The Secret is in the Plant

What Sets Our Product Apart

With well over a decades experience in producing and developing personal care products Tres Spa knows the important role our suppliers are to our success. After all, a truly remarkable finished product starts with the grower. 

It took several years, but we found an amazing producer of the most incredibly rich hemp extract. The CBD they create is a Full Spectrum CBD with a complete balance of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. No toxic chemicals are used in any step of their planet friendly growth, harvesting, and extraction process. Every step is done in harmony with nature

They were already leaders in the sustainability industry before venturing into the industrial hemp market space. For many years that had been growing and producing natural biofuel. They became the first licensed grower of industrial hemp in their state and the first to offer a truly sustainable extracted full spectrum CBD that meets all of the strict  standards and legislated requirements. 

Beyond all of the legal requirements and the general ethos of sustainability and organic growing practices, they answer to an even higher standard. One that reaches back to centuries of living as one with nature and respecting the natural flow of life on the islands. 


They follow ancient ancestral traditions in planting, growing, and harvesting with blessings and special ceremonies at each step along the way. Bridging the old ways to modern times and sowing their intent from the very beginning. 

We, at Tres Spa, believe that the energy of our intent goes into every single item we make. That is one of the key differences when you are buying handcrafted verses mass manufactured. A piece of the person and their intention for you is in the end product you receive.  Imagine the impact when you find that the same loving care went into each and every one of of the raw ingredients!

The producers of our extract have a strong family tie to the islands they live on and have built their business on. By purchasing ReSqu by Tres Spa products we are all supporting island economy that is sustainable and not tourism related. Giving living wages to a population that is underserved for good paying jobs.

Here is a glimpse into the process they adhere to when planting, growing, harvesting, and extracting the hemp extract…..

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The Life Cycle

It all starts with a seed. Seeds are carefully sourced from US seed producers. The seeds are non-GMO and certified by state agricultural  governance. They are  then planted after the land has been blessed and during the time of year that conforms to the natural growing calendar.  Our producer is growing on remediated soil. This is land that is healing from the very destructive sugar cane industry.  

a seed takes root

Planting in rich volcanic soil gives the industrial hemp plants the perfect growing environment. Seeds begin to germinate and send down deep tap roots. The deep tap root system is what helps the plant thrive even in drought conditions. Our producer is on a lush tropical island but even they can have droughts. 

nourished by nature

It really only takes about 4 months for the hemp to grow to maturity and be harvest for the extraction process. Amazing isn't it?!  In the plants infancy, it may require more water but the tap roots will eventually grow strong enough that it wont need to rely on external water. The lush island weather brings everything the plant needs.

The plant itself is naturally resistant to predator's so industrial hemp can be grown without the harsh pesticides many other crops need. 

Just give it sunshine and a little water once in a while and it will thrive and heal the land while producing the most amazing botanical rich in vitamins and other nutrients. 

harvested by hand

Once  the plants have matured and the ancestral agricultural moon calendar marks the day it is time for harvest. Honoring the land and the culture at every step of the way. The flowers are carefully harvested by hand and gathered for the curing phase. They will need to hang to cure before they go through the last phase, extraction. 

curing and extraction

Once the flowers have cured enough, they are put through the extraction. The whole flower head goes into this process: flower, steam, and leaves. They use a planet friendly critical co2 extraction method. This allows them to produce a Full Spectrum CBD balanced with all of it's natural (113 plus ) cannabinoids,  terpenes, and flavonoids.

Did I mention that their entire farm is powered by 100% biofuel that they grow themselves? Pretty amazing! 


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